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Chandra Bivens Carty began her career with a degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida. It was there that she developed a love for food engineering. As a lab tech she ran quality analysis on peanut milk, she tested pecans from Georgia for pesticide contamination and as a student she experimented with eatable caseines.  After graduation she completed an internship before passing a registration exam to become a Registered Dietitian.


How my service works

My company provides Integrative and Functional Nutrtion to all individuals who need to change their eating habits to prevent or to treat a medical condition. Clients should commit at least six to twelve months to change their eating behavior.   Read more

Wellness Solution

The goal of the Integrative and Functional Nutrition is to return the body to a healthier state of being through a series of lifestyle changes.  Theses changes include eating a wider variety of fruits and vegetables.   Read more

Naturally with Food

Enjoy Getting

Let’s discover how I can help you take your health to the next level!
We can meet in person at my office or over the phone.


Medical Conditions

Diabetes Type I, 2, and Gestational; Hypothyroidism; Insulin Resistant; Chronic Kidney Disease; Food Allergies/Sensitivities; Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, And Compulsive Overeating

Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Essential component of comprehensive health care. Individuals with a variety of conditions and illnesses can improve their health and quality of life by receiving Integrative and Functional Nutrition.

Scheduled Eating

Eating regular meals, making healthy food choices

Nutrition Education, Counseling and Monitoring

Detailed nutrition information, plus unique analysis tools

The Role of IFN

Tailoring treatment to address needs not just discussing diseases but addressing the vitality of an individual.

Evidence Based Approach

We believe in the power of how we do it: FOOD AS MEDICINE. Health In equals Healthy Out.

Treats the Body

Food has the power to affect how we feel and how much energy we need.  It has the power to treat and reverse chronic illnesses.


Do You Know Your Hunger Scale?

Feel free to substitute your own language and experience in these descriptions. Most people enjoy their food and eat comfortably when they are between a “3” and a “6” on the hunger scale.

You may have a headache. You can’t concentrate and feel dizzy. You may have trouble with coordination. You are totally out of energy and need to lie down. This may happen during a very restrictive diet.

You’re irritable and cranky and very hungry, with little energy. You may even feel nauseous. You are at the stage of being famished.

You are feeling an emptiness in your stomach. Your coordination begins to wane.

Your body is giving you the signal that you might want to eat. You are a little hungry.

Your body has enough fuel to keep it going and is physically and psychologically just starting to feel satisfied.

…the point of satisfaction.

 Yet you can still “find room” for a little more. Your body says “no” and your mind says “yes” to a few more bites.
Maybe you shouldn’t have had more, but it tasted so good. Or, did you get caught up in the eating-is-the-thing-to-do syndrome because all of the activity was centered around food?
Maybe you didn’t eat all day to leave room for this meal and you feel heavy, tired, and bloated.You no longer feel like socializing; you’d rather be by yourself or go to bed. Did you miss out on the socializing because you felt focused on the food?
This is a typical Thanksgiving Dinner feeling – you are physically miserable, don’t want to or can’t move, and feel like you never want to look at food again.

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