What to Expect

My company provides Medical Nutrition Therapy to all individuals who need to change their eating habits to prevent or to treat a medical condition. Clients should commit at least six to twelve months to change their eating behavior.   During those six – twelve months of commitment a client should expect to learn skills that will improve menu planning for the individual as well as for the family.  Information about the nutritional quality of the food will be an ongoing skill that will be forever evolving.  Clients will learn how specific foods improve or contribute to their medical condition.  They will learn how to estimate their tolerance level for specific foods.  Clients will learn the best place to purchase the foods required in their eating program.  They will be introduced to a wide variety of food providers: specialty grocery stores, locally grown farms and online food delivery services.  The goal of Medical Nutrition Therapy is to be an adjunct to the medical treatment plan.   

Wellness Solution

The goal of the Medical Nutrition Therapy is to return the body to a healthier state of being through a series of lifestyle changes.  Theses changes include eating a wider variety of fruits and vegetables.   Clients will learn how to infuse recipes from across the world with the focus on the nutrient benefit of that food.  Clients will be introduced to herbs and spices that may have bactericidal, and antimicrobial properties.  They will learn how to incorporate beneficial, teas and oils for an Aromatherapy approach to wellness.  And finally they will learn ways of incorporating restful meditation or exercise to help relieve stress and sleep peacefully.