Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Many private insurance companies over MNT provided by a registered dietitian nutritionist.   They understand MNT can decrease employee-health related symptoms.

Nutrition Education, Counseling and Monitoring

Chandra Carty is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals.  As a registered dietitian/nutritionist, Chandra provides her clients with nutrition education for a wide variety of medical conditions requiring nutrition intervention.  Her website contains blogs, with disease specific case studies.  She has Chandra’s picks, which is a list of journal articles, webinars, and videos to empower clients with the knowledge needed to make educated decisions about their health.

During the initial visit and at subsequent visits, Chandra will develop an initial treatment plan that changes with each visit until the desired outcome is achieved.  Her nutrition programs are developed for individuals at every age and stage of life.  She is committed to improving the health of every client who joins her commitment in making the required lifestyle changes to acquire better health.  She believes that 85% of the medical conditions can improve and she believes making small consistent changes over time can prevent the risk of some disease. 

Ms Carty uses a variety of apps to monitor her clients’ progress.  They include online dietary monitoring programs:  FruitStreet, allows clients to take a picture of the food they eat and upload that picture as well as link Fitbit with the program.  VSee allows virtual visits.  Clients can schedule visits to ask questions or to discuss their treatment plans.  Treatment plans are road maps for improved health and must be evaluated to understand their effectiveness.  As medical conditions change, so does the treatment plan.   Clients are encouraged to commit to six to twelve visits.

What Can a Registered Dietitian do For You